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Mobile phone users expect internet services delivered to their
mobile phones.


Local business want to do business with mobile phone users, but don't need the hassle, cost or complexity of another website.

We think that councils should help business engage with the
mobile internet.

Itslocal provides a much needed service to both mobile and local business in your local area.

Its local promotes local values and helps to keep local money in the local economy.

Itslocal is delivered in partnership with your
local council.

If your town, borough or city needs itslocal then please
get in touch.

Itslocal provides a free mobile web-app to every business, providing a stepping stone into the new mobile economy.

There are hundreds of templates, hundreds of variations, tons of relevant services.

*FREE to advertise, FREE to add content, FREE to link with social networks and your main web site

*Three years free service

It’s the 21st century search engine available straight to
your mobile phone.

Its just for local services, its more accurate than Google Local and doesn’t list national advertisers no matter how
much they pay.

Its easy - no need to
download anything,
just click and go!